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New high head pump series holds its head high

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ATLAS Copco has unveiled its new PAC H pump series, which features a maximum head size of 150m, a maximum flow of up to 1200 m3/h and a solids handling capability of up to 89mm.

David Stanford, Business Line Manager for Atlas Copco Power Technique’s Portable Products, said these high head centrifugal pumps, which are part of the company’s Head series, are particularly suited to industrial applications such as water transfer and will benefit a wide range of industries including oil & gas, quarrying, surface mining and construction as well as the municipal sector.

“As there is a direct correlation between equipment availability and uptime and the speed in which service and maintenance work can be carried out, we have smartly centred the design of our PAC H pump series on simplified service and maintenance,” Stanford said.

“These pumps are equipped with several features to facilitate the service and maintenance process, allowing for wear components to be serviced or replaced without the need to dismantle the pump. These include Atlas Copco’s hinge kit, semi-cartridge seal design, bolted wear plate and link belts. Our PAC H pumps even feature ergonomic internal lighting to optimise visibility during maintenance or repair work.”

The semi-cartridge seal allows for change-out without the need to dismantle the pump. It also makes the lip seal and impeller easily accessible. Stanford said that cartridge seals which are normally an optional extra on other pumps in the market, are standard on the PAC H.

The hinge kit includes a ‘swing door’ that allows quick and easy access to the pump’s internal workings and a single bolt to remove the impeller. Stanford said bolted wear rings make for precise and simple replacement compared to pressed alternatives. The fact that link belts are used to enable changeovers without having to dismantle the entire wet end of the unit reduces MTTR (mean time to repair) by up to 30%.

The pumps also feature an exclusive closed impeller which is equipped with deflector vanes that keep the mechanical seal clean and free of detritus. In addition to extending the mechanical seal life by up to three times longer, this unique hydraulic design eliminates the need to use flush water to keep the pump clean with subsequent significant energy and cost savings over the unit’s operational lifespan.

“These lean, clean and green fully EU Stage V compliant pumps feature a 120% fully leak-free structure. The standard diaphragm vacuum pump has no carry-over of pump media and hence there is zero contamination from the pumps to its surroundings.”

Stanford said the compact dimensions of these pumps means that they are up to 30% smaller than comparative pumps working on similar applications. In addition to increasing operational efficiencies, the compact size frees up valuable space; 10 units can be simultaneously transported on a 13m truck.

A QR code on the unit can be scanned to obtain essential information on parts and spares; a PW controller series enables end-users to get the most out of the pumps in any application, while a transducer and floats make automatic operation possible.

“The pumps boast complete engine management with alarms and fault shutdown capabilities,” Stanford said, adding that end-users can also take advantage of the FleetLink connectivity, a remote monitoring feature that puts them in control of pumping operations.

Atlas Copco backs the PAC H, which are available in four models, with full after-sales support and readily available parts and spares. Product training is also available to customers and end-users to ensure correct operation for optimum pump performance, increased reliability and longer life span.

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