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How real-time oil condition analysis can cut plant operation costs

Home Engineering Electronic - Instrumentation & Control How real-time oil condition analysis can cut plant operation costs

EQUIPMENT that monitors equipment oil in real-time, enabling any anomalies in the oil to be detected at a very early stage, is now available across Africa from Hytec Fluid Technology (HFT).

Sourced from England-based OEM Tan Delta, the range of oil monitoring and analysis equipment helps to minimise plant equipment operating costs.

According Wynand Kapp, Divisional Manager, Industrial Filtration, HFT, one of the most beneficial features of these sensors is that the oil condition data can be accessed by authorised personnel from anywhere in the world, improving control and efficiency.

He said the the solution also enhances plant equipment competitiveness and helps plants meet environmental, social & governance (ESG) objectives.

The Tan Delta range of oil condition analysis equipment from HFT comprises oil condition analysis sensors (incl. ATEX-compliant sensors), sensor kits & accessories, modems & gateways, and digital display solutions. “The range is highly effective and is trusted by leading equipment manufacturers and plant operators around the world.”

Appointed as the official Tan Delta African distributor on 19 March 2021, HFT supplies and services Tan Delta’s entire standard range of equipment.

“We are also in a position to provide tailored oil monitoring and analysis solutions to suit specific client needs,” Kapp said, adding that the average lead time for imported stock, due to Covid-19 restrictions, is four to six weeks, but most equipment is available from HFT ex-stock, significantly reducing this lead time.

The equipment, with its patented Tan Delta analysis technology, can be used for all applications across all industrial sectors, and features prominently in the mining, power generation (including wind generation plants), marine and shipping, and manufacturing industries.

The range can be implemented on any oil-reticulating plant equipment in any application using any oil type (mineral, synthetic or semi-synthetic) in any environment.

“The patented technology incorporated into the sensors gives operators the capability to programme them, so they are specific to both the application and the oil used in that application,” Kapp said.

“If the oil in a client’s equipment is not listed in the Hydrocarbon database, it can be profiled for a small fee before installing a Tan Delta oil analysis device.”

Installation and setup is done after oil profiling so that the oil analysis runs hand-in-hand with the oil profile, including the monitoring requirements. “This enables oil condition monitoring in real time.”

As far as applications are concerned, Kapp said that “any application that runs hydraulic fluid will benefit from the technology.” The rationale is that the equipment gives plant operators and managers the power of immediate, real-time monitoring of the application oil.

“Oil is the life blood of any hydraulic application. It is therefore beneficial for plant operators to have this telemetry and data at their fingertips, allowing for immediate intervention before failure can occur.”

Kapp said installing Tan Delta’s oil condition analysis equipment is a simple process and can easily be carried out by the end user. However, to ensure the most appropriate solution for the client’s requirements, HFT works together with end users through the entire process.

The entire range of Tan Delta oil monitoring and analysis equipment is available in sub-Saharan Africa from Hytec Fluid Technology, a Bosch Rexroth South Africa Group Company.

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