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Global brand beefs up SA supplier’s welding range

Home Metals Cutting & Welding Global brand beefs up SA supplier’s welding range

BMG has extended its range of offerings to the metal manufacturing industry to include Jasic welding equipment and tools. Jasic is a leading international developer, manufacturer and supplier of welding inverters and integrated welding solutions.

That’s according to Andrew Johns, Business Unit Manager, Tools and Equipment division at BMG, who said BMG’s range of Jasic welding equipment comprises arc inverter welders, tungsten inert gas (TIG), metal inert gas (MIG), metal active gas (MAG) welders and plasma cutters.

These products include manual metal arc (MMA) welders 140 amps to 630 amps, DC TIG inverters 180 amps to 400 amp water cooled pulse units, AC/DC TIG units 200 amp to 500 amp water cooled pulse units and MIG/MAG inverters 160 amp to 500 amp dual pulse water cooled units. Plasma cutters cut 45 amp to cut 160 amp hand-held units, or complete with CNC capabilities, are also available.

“BMG specialists work closely with every customer to ensure the selection of the correct equipment and appropriate and safe use of each system.”

Johns said factors for careful consideration include choosing the correct welding process and equipment, based on the materials to be welded and the material thickness.

“The most commonly welded materials are aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel and alloys. Many plastics can now also be welded. It is also important that only suitably trained operators use welding equipment.”

BMG specialists also encourage businesses to be mindful about the hazards of welding fumes and how important it is to protect workers’ health through the extraction and control of welding fumes. Airborne welding fumes are a mixture of metal fumes and gases produced during welding operations, that are harmful to workers.

Toxic welding fumes can contain a mixture of manganese, chromium VI, carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and ozone – which cause serious short and long-term health problems. For this reason, it is critical that PPE and workplace safety equipment is suitable for every welding and cutting application.

Johns said all Jasic components are subjected to rigorous testing, including vibration and drop, waterproof, safety, comprehensive parameter and EMC tests, as well as harmonic wave and flicker testing. BMG supports all Jasic welding products with a comprehensive three-year warranty.

These products are suitable for use in many industries, including mining and quarrying, rail, aviation and shipping, power generation, chemicals and petrochemicals, agriculture, construction and general engineering.

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