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Early warning monitoring system sniffs out harmful gases

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SOME factories make use of manufacturing methods that can produce high levels of poisonous gases or even explosive gases. In these environments, it is important to monitor gases emitted into the atmosphere in real time and have a reliable system to take immediate automatic action to eliminate the possibility of poisonous environments, as well as explosions. Environments that require dependable atmospheric and environmental monitoring, include general industry and manufacturing facilities, petrochemical, oil and gas plants and the mines.

Becker Mining South Africa’s range of safety and communications systems encompasses the high-accuracy Becker Varis Smartsense gas monitoring system, which has been designed for use in industries where the presence of gases may pose a safety or health risk for employees and the environment.

The Smartsense system conforms to stringent quality, safety and environmental specifications and adherence to Intrinsically Safe (IS) certification, which means this system can also be safely deployed in hazardous and potentially explosive areas.

“Becker’s high accuracy Smartsense system – with integrated features for the detection of ambient temperature, humidity and barometric pressure – forms an essential part of critical communications and safety systems in the workplace,” said Andrew Trentelman, senior general manager: Electronics, Becker Mining South Africa.

“Apart from the accurate detection and monitoring of ambient temperature, humidity and barometric pressure, every device can monitor up to four gases, including oxygen (O2), methane (CH4), carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), hydrogen sulphide (H2S), chlorine (CI2), hydrogen (H2) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2),” Trentelman said.

The Smartsense unit can be fitted with different gas monitoring heads to suit specific environmental monitoring needs.

All features of the Smartsense SSFM-100 device are integrated into one compact unit, and there is no need for complex cable connections, troublesome programming or difficult calibration.

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