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Water treatment valve range locally available

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ALLMECH has decided to extend the range of Runxin softener and filter valves it stocks to accommodate projects with budget constraints as well as smaller plants that need to minimise installation costs.

The South African manufacturer of boilers and supplier of water treatment components is the sole official agent in South Africa for Runxin water treatment systems.

“These valves are ideal for residential softeners, smaller boiler softeners, ion exchange systems and for RO pre-treatment softeners,” said Lynette Morrey, Business Development Administrator at Allmech.

“Stocking these items will help us to serve a greater segment of the market. We’re now able to offer products for smaller applications, a cost-effective option for cash-constrained customers, as well as continuing to offer top-spec Runxin products to larger operators.”

The new additions to Allmech’s Runxin line include:

  • F65P1 Auto Softener Valve: These can handle a flow rate of up to 2000 litres per hour. Ideal for domestic use. Time setting controls when the softener regenerates.
  • F63P3 Auto Softener Valve: An automatic softener valve ideal for industrial use for plants with a flow rate requirement of 4000 litres/hour. Can be set to regenerate based on water volume.
  • F71P1 Automatic Filter Valves: With a maximum flow rate of 2000litres/hour. Ideal for domestic applications and smaller sites. Handles a maximum flow rate of 4000 litres/hour.

Morrey said all of these valves are easy to programme and use, with simple, user-friendly displays.

“As with all the Runxin valves we stock, Allmech offers reasonably priced repairs and replacement spares. We also choose Runxin because of the valves’ longer service life – some of our valves have run for more than 10 years with no maintenance required.”

All Runxin valves are made from durable and flame-retardant materials, ensuring they are impact and heat resistant. Their ceramic core components are wear and corrosion resistant, increasing their longevity.

“The ceramic ball valve range is also chemical resistant, which saves on replacement of expensive brass fittings,” said Morrey. “All Runxin valves carry a one-year manufacturer’s warranty, giving you peace of mind. We provide additional technical backup assistance, a repair centre and test facilities from the Allmech premises in Benoni, ensuring you have our full support when installing a Runxin valve.”

Other useful features include:

  • No power outage worries: The last setting is saved automatically in the valve so that when the power is restored it continues the normal cycle from where it left off. All the user needs to do is reset the time.
  • Automatic display lock: If there is no further programming within one minute, the display automatically locks to prevent unintended operation.
  • Patented interlocking function: If there are multiple valves in the system, only one valve will stay in rinse or regeneration status while the other is operational.
  • Adjustable parameters: All parameters can be adjusted based on your needs during operation according to water quality and usage.

All the Runxin valve manuals can be downloaded from the Allmech website.


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