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Versatile three-phase power data loggers

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DESIGNED to measure the most critical three-phase power parameters, Comtest is offering the Fluke’s two 3-phase power loggers — the 1736 and 1738 — giving users the data needed to make critical power quality and energy decisions in real-time. They are specifically engineered to conduct energy studies and basic power quality logging, automatically capturing and logging over 500 power quality parameters for more visibility into the data needed to optimise system reliability and savings.

The Fluke 1736 and 1738 are the first three-phase power loggers built with the Fluke Connect® mobile app and software, enabling users to measure, capture and log all relevant characteristics of electric power and enable access to management and analysis of large data sets.

The 1736 and 1738 provide:

More visibility — automatically captures and logs over 500 power quality parameters.
Reduced Uncertainty Visibility through Fluke Connect enables users to view collected data to ensure the data being collected is correct, either at the panel or remotely. By powering the logger directly from the measured line and the intelligent verification function that digitally corrects common connection issues measurement system errors are significantly reduced.

Better Decision-Making Capabilities Data can be accessed and shared remotely via the Fluke Connect® app to maintain safer working distances and make critical decisions in real-time, reducing the need for protective equipment, site visits and check-ins. Chart and graph measurements to create detailed reports with Fluke Energy Analyse Plus software.

The Fluke 1736 and 1738 have more power quality measurement capability than their predecessor, the Fluke 1730, a pure energy logger; this functionality is a subset of the Fluke 1736/1738.

For users performing both basic power quality studies and energy studies, 1736/1738 enables users to measure, capture and log all relevant characteristics of electric power and gives access to management and analysis of large data sets. 1738 includes advanced limit-based analysis (uses EN510160 limits), the capability to connect two Fluke Connect® devices for logging of supplementary parameters and a WiFi / Bluetooth (BLE) dongle.

Accessories for the 1736, the hanger kit and magnetic voltage probes are must-haves, making installing much easier. Additionally, the upgrade kit for the 1736 allows users to fully upgrade their 1736 to 1738 with all the functionality and accessories included with 1738. The auxiliary input cable is very useful if users wish to log other parameters like temperature along with energy and, especially if there are a wide variety of circuit types and sizes, additional current probes would be most useful. If users are planning to integrate their measurements they can buy FC3000 modules which connect to the 1738 and log measured values.

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