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Versatile machine adapts well to agricultural applications

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JOHN Deere Africa Middle East introduced its Skid Steer range last year to the market, which consists of the 316G and 318G Skid Steers. The 318G is a powerful and versatile machine built with durability, productivity, and operator comfort in mind.

The 318G Skid Steer combines advanced technology with John Deere expertise to deliver exceptional results in a wide range of applications. From construction to agriculture and material handling, this machine is engineered to tackle the toughest tasks with ease, with features such as:

  • Full-tilt access. Through the rear door of the machine, easy access is gained to the dipsticks, fuel- and fluid-filler necks, and filters at ground level. In under two minutes, the operator’s station can also be swung up and out of the way, providing effortless access to the drivetrain.
  • Heavy-duty drivetrains. The final-drive chains, lubricated with oil, are resilient and do not require regular adjustment despite daily wear and tear. Additionally, the reinforced drive sprockets ensure long-lasting durability.
  • Wheel options. With the available wheel options, the 318G can reduce its size and easily manoeuvre through narrow openings. It possesses sufficient axle torque and carefully optimised boom and bucket breakout forces, allowing it to effectively excavate, pry, and push through clay, as well as maintain a heaped bucket.
  • Carry More, spill less. Based on the machine’s low centre of gravity, 30-degree bucket rollback, optional hydraulic self-levelling and ride control all contribute to maintaining full buckets and loaded forks. To increase capacity, up to two sets of counterweights can be added.
  • The scrap grapples are equipped with two dual-action hydraulic-powered grapples that efficiently grab and secure items. For tasks such as land clearing, job site cleanup, and brush removal, the rock grapples prove to be highly effective.
  • When it comes to handling hay, cleaning pens, re-bedding stalls, or various other agricultural chores, capabilities can be enhanced with silage defacers, material/manure scrapers, bale huggers, bale spears, and buckets.
  • A wide selection of buckets is available, including multipurpose, dirt, rock, and rollout buckets, each with different widths and capacities. The grading-heel bucket is particularly adept at back dragging for superior grading performance.
  • Heads-up operation. The overhead panel offers a convenient arrangement, with machine information located on the left side and control switches positioned on the right side. An easily readable LCD monitor serves as a valuable resource, providing a comprehensive range of information and control options. This includes essential operating conditions and advanced diagnostic capabilities.
  • Cooling fans. To ensure uninterrupted performance in demanding, high-load conditions, the equipment features large coolers that enhance heat rejection. The engine-mounted cooling fan, driven by a belt, operates efficiently and reliably, providing optimal cooling performance.
  • Radial and vertical boom lift. With robust cross-section boom arms and durable, heavy-duty upper links, the 318G possesses the strength required to withstand challenging tasks, ensuring long-term durability.
  • Its vertical lift capabilities increase lift height and extended reach at the top of the lift path, resulting in enhanced stability during operations, while the radial lift capabilities extend reach at intermediate lift heights, making it ideal for digging, grading, and backfilling tasks.

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