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Transforming FMCG production with state-of-the-art coders and labellers

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IN the fast-paced world of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) production, every second and every detail counts. Precision, speed, and reliability form the foundation of this high-stakes industry. Rising to the occasion are revolutionary advancements in coding and labelling technology that transform how businesses operate, boosting efficiency and accuracy like never before.

The new age of primary coders

Pyrotec PackMark supplies primary coders like the Anser x1 and Small Character Inkjet 9018 bringing precision and reliability to FMCG manufacturing coders. Designed for high-speed, continuous coding, these product coders can quickly and efficiently handle large volumes of FMCG products. They are especially beneficial as date coders for FMCG products, ensuring that every product is accurately coded with the correct dates and information.

Labellers: Changing the face of FMCG production

The Print and Apply Labelling – 2200 Pallet delivers new levels of efficiency. Perfect for more significant operations, this machine is a high-speed marvel, rapidly printing and applying labels.

The Entry-level Self-adhesive Labeller ELDH is a top-notch option for businesses that are beginning to grow, offering top-of-the-line labelling solutions. These self-adhesive labellers handle various product shapes and sizes, ensuring accurate, secure labels each time.

Advanced coders and labellers – the benefits

Using these state-of-the-art manufacturing coders and labellers brings multiple benefits, including:

  • Exactitude and consistency: They drastically reduce errors, ensuring that every code and label is precisely placed and accurate; this means fewer wasted products and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Speed and volume handling: These coders and labellers can handle large volumes of products at high speeds, keeping production lines moving smoothly, and this is a crucial advantage in the FMCG industry, where time is money.
  • Adaptability: Regardless of the product’s shape, size, or material, these coders and labellers are up to the task. They are adaptable and versatile, providing all-in-one solutions ready to handle production line challenges.

The right coders and labellers can make all the difference in the ever-evolving world of FMCG manufacturing. With this advanced range of primary coders and labellers, a business will be well-equipped to enter a new era of efficiency, precision, and versatility.

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