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Tractor series lowers total cost of ownership for SA farmers

Home Agriculture Tractor series lowers total cost of ownership for SA farmers

TOTAL cost of ownership (TCO) is a comprehensive approach to evaluate the overall expenses associated with owning and operating a tractor over its entire lifecycle. This includes not just the initial purchase cost but also factors such as fuel efficiency, maintenance costs, repair expenses, and residual value.

The MF Global series (MF 4700, 5700 and 6700), ranging from 61 to 98 kW, is designed and equipped with advanced engine technology and fuel management systems to maximise fuel efficiency and assist farmers in reducing their operating costs over time. The tractors are engineered to be durable and reliable, with components designed for extended service intervals. Less maintenance improves efficiency with less downtime.

Massey Ferguson’s warranty options for the Global Series give farmers peace of mind that they will not incur unanticipated repair expenses. “The Global series is known for retaining its value, which translates into a better return on investment when a farmer decides to upgrade or sell a tractor,” explains Shane Snijders, senior manager: aftersales, Africa and the Far East, AGCO.

Catering for all farmers’ needs from tractors to implements, Farm Maintenance Services (FMS) of Pietermaritzburg has become the mechanisation partner of choice in the KwaZulu-Natal agricultural industry and farming community. “We are a Massey Ferguson dealership first and foremost,” says Andrew Nicholson, who became involved with the business in 2016.

FMS prides itself on supplying the full spectrum from the highest specification Massey Ferguson tractor to top-end implements and everything in between, so farmers have peace of mind in having complete solutions at hand.

Nicholson concurs that service excellence is a key differentiator.

“We sell tractors, but at the end of the day, our main goal is to ensure that the tractors we sell perform optimally for their entire lifespan and make sure that the machines are always in good working condition. In the future, satisfied customers happily buy their next tractors from us.”

TCO considers the upfront cost of the tractor, its capabilities, capacity, and uptime over its working life on any farm. Nicholson argues that farmers do not give due consideration to TCO, which should ultimately be the most important factor in their final purchasing decision.

“At the end of the day, we need to look at how much it costs a farmer to effectively operate a particular tractor,” says Nicholson. He has done specific calculations for Massey Ferguson machines, and proudly points to a tractor that had clocked up over 7,000 hours, equating to service and maintenance costs of R30 an hour. “Actually, the exact cost we worked out was R29.80,” Nicholson says proudly.

He ascribes this incredible value for money to Massey Ferguson’s continual development and investment in and refinement of its tractor range, such as the MF Global Series.
“I joined FMS at about the same time as the first tractors were introduced into the local market.” And the dealership has never looked back.

Massey Ferguson tractors are designed to provide farmers with a high-performance, reliable, and cost-effective solution for their agricultural needs. It incorporates advanced technology and sustainability features that help farmers optimise their productivity, reduce their environmental impact, and lower their total cost of ownership.

Massey Ferguson assists farmers to reduce their TCO by allowing them to introduce smart farming at the higher end of the spectrum with High Horsepower Tractors. It assists farmers in monitoring and controlling their operations from a single interface with advanced technology such as GPS guidance, automatic steering, variable rate application, yield mapping, telemetry, and more. Smart farming aids farmers in improving their efficiency, accuracy, and profitability while saving time, fuel, and other inputs.

The utility workhorse for South African farmers, the MF Global series features 500-hour service kits to provide essential maintenance components and parts needed.

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