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The key to IoT machine monitoring

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INTEGRATING sensors into the Internet of Things (IoT) is crucial to many applications, for example, for the monitoring of machines.

That’s according to IFM Electronic, which describes its io-key as the “ideal key to the IoT”, for remote machine parts.

“The io-key allows quick and easy transmission of sensor data directly to the cloud even without controller and connection to a network,” the company said in a statement.

It is possible to connect up to two sensors to the compact device via IO-Link. The measured values are then uploaded to the cloud via the mobile network and saved there. “All you need besides the io-key are a power supply and sufficient GSM coverage.”

The user can visualise and analyse the data transmitted to the cloud via a web-based dashboard. “With a few more clicks different configurations can be set there. It is, for example, possible to automatically send notifications by e-mail or SMS when limit values are exceeded or not reached.”

A summary of the measured values in the form of reports can also be generated. They can then be easily exported.

The company said transmission to the cloud via the io-key is the “optimum solution whenever the measured values of the sensors are not needed in real time and a direct connection is not easily possible”. This, it said, allows monitoring of remote machine parts.

Typical applications cover tank monitoring with KQ10 type level sensors, fan monitoring with VVB type vibration sensors, or valve monitoring with the MVQ valve sensor.

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