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Telematics gives fleet control lift to logistics firm

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LOGISTICS company Pindulo VDM wanted to increase the control they have over their fleet in an effort to improve driver performance, fleet safety and fleet utilisation. To achieve these goals, they partnered with MiX Telematics to implement a variety of advanced fleet management solutions.

Pindulo VDM signed up with MiX Telematics in December 2018. After assessing the company’s needs, the premium MiX Fleet Manager telematics solution was implemented to increase fleet utilisation, giving their fleet managers greater insight into telematics data and helping them better manage their fleets and drivers. This cloud-based platform provides real-time GPS location and telematics data, accessible 24/7 via a mobile app and web interface.

Additional solutions that Pindulo VDM subscribed to include the vehicle recovery service, the MiX Vision fleet security camera solution, the MiX Vision Bureau service and the MiX Track and React 24/7 monitoring service. “These solutions assist in increasing safety and security, improving driver behaviour, ensuring driver compliance and mitigating risk,” MiX Telematics said in a statement.

MiX Track and React monitoring assisted Pindulo VDM in reducing exception-based driving events by enforcing driver compliance measures. Overall, the occurrences of driving events declined by almost 50% over a nine-month period.

The driving events that have seen the most impressive improvements include over-speeding: events for >100km/h and >90km/h were reduced by 92% and 99% respectively; and excessive idling decreased by 39%.

This resulted in improved fleet, driver and cargo safety. They were also able to reduce fuel consumption and associated costs as their vehicles now spend less time idling.

“The MiX Vision Bureau service assisted Pindulo VDM to achieve an 83% decrease in the total number of poor driving behaviour incidents as recorded by the MiX Vision security cameras over a nine-month period,” the company said.

Driver distraction incidents, like mobile phone use, decreased by 70%; no seat belt incidents for drivers and passengers decreased by 71%; and camera faults and tampering incidents decreased by 89%.

“The MiX Vision Bureau service assisted Pindulo VDM in improving their fleet’s safety and the driver coaching platform helped their drivers improve their behaviour, resulting in lowered risk and costs,” Mix Telematics said.

“We attribute the improvements within our fleet to the increased insight into driver behaviour and related driving events that MiX Telematics’ solutions are providing,” said Kevin Changoo, co-CEO, Pindulo VDM.

“The implementation of all these MiX Telematics services and solutions have resulted in Pindulo VDM gaining greater control of their drivers and improving driver behaviour, which has led to a much safer fleet. These solutions go hand-in-hand with the premium MiX Fleet Manager platform which provides access to insightful data that can be used to identify areas that need further improvements in terms of cost saving and efficiency.”

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