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Streamline production with core product range

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THE current South African economy has made finding high-quality automation products that are reasonably priced a daunting task. To address this challenge, Festo, a leading supplier of automation, has developed an innovative product portfolio that contains a selection of over 2 500 attractively priced quality products. The components that are part of this portfolio are marked with a blue star on their website to help customers easily identify them. These products have been designed with optimised functionality necessary to fulfil numerous standard automation tasks.

Meet the core range products

  • Pneumatic drives

The Festo pneumatic drives featured in their core product range are extremely compact and offer high performance for automation tasks. The line includes drives that are self-adjusting, clean, safe, and feature pneumatic end-position cushioning PPS. One of their drives is the Semi-rotary Vane Drive DRVS.

This attractively priced semi-rotary vane drive has everything machine users would expect from a swivel drive. It boasts a powerful rotation and highly innovative design. The drive’s compact and sealed, low weight, optional sensing and high torque ratings of up to 20 Nm are what make the DRVS powerful, even in harsh environments. It is easy to install and has standard rotation options from 90°; 180° or 270° depending on the user’s choice. Fitting semi-rotary drives with sensors has never been so easy, reliable, uncomplicated, and error-free thanks to the installation and teach-in of switching points with the position sensor SRBS-Q1/Q12.

  • Valves 

Part of their affordable product range includes compact valves. Coming in different designs, these valves are used in automation technology to control the movement or force of actuators such as cylinders, rodless cylinders, motors or grippers. Festo valves can be used on manifolds or configured individually, depending on the application. Some of the featured valves in this range are the quality Solenoid Valve VUVS-S and VUVG-S which are extensions of the VUVS and VUVG range.

The Festo Solenoid Valve VUVS-S is distinguished by its flexibility, sturdiness and durability. Redefining quality and efficiency, this valve range can be used in applications such as single installations, manifold mounting and basic valves with focused features for 24V DC.

Their VUVG-S valve is ideal for applications where installation space, weight, flow rate and mounting considerations are important. It meets many user requirements due to its high level of flexibility offered by the modular system.

  • Sensors

Sensors are an indispensable part of success in the world of automation production. Festo’s comprehensive portfolio of sensors combines optimum performance and maximum reliable core qualities to ensure smooth as well as efficient production sequences. One of their sensors that is popularly known for efficiently giving end position feedback values is their Electronic Proximity Switch SDBT-MSX.

This electronic proximity switch is the first proximity switch with automatic switching point settings that makes commissioning easier. Its proximity switch detects the end position of the piston stroke and automatically learns the switching point during operation. With its detection range of 20 mm, it is easy to install, especially in applications where mounting is difficult. With integrated PNP/NPN options selecting the wrong sensor for the application is a thing of the past. SDBT-MSX is ideal for all standard applications, especially in factory automation and the electronics industry/small parts handling.

Their core range also consists of tubing, motors, controllers, positioners, sensor boxes, actuator units, products for air preparation, and accessories. These products have been carefully selected to suit a broad spectrum of application needs and perfectly deliver optimum performance levels. In addition, their portfolio comes with all the usual benefits such as reliability and the long service life that customers have come to expect from Festo.

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