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Rental unit assists with wastewater treatment plant refurbishment

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INFRASTRUCTURE maintenance and repair is a pressing issue across many municipalities and George Municipality is no different where work is underway to rehabilitate some of the city’s wastewater treatment assets. Renting equipment has been identified as a suitable solution.

A rental Impi Combination Unit from Werner Pumps, which offers high-pressure jetting and vacuuming capabilities, has allowed the contractor on the job, WPCP, to undertake aspects of the job not within the company’s usual scope of work.

“The municipality wanted to refurbish a wastewater treatment plant. Part of this project required pumping sludge out of the tanks from 12m below and cleaning them,” explains sales manager at Werner Pumps, George Jolly. The company is a leading local manufacturer of high-pressure jetting equipment. “This is not something WPCP specialises in, so they called on Werner Pumps to assist. We sent one of our rental trucks to the site, as well as an experienced operator, to assist with this part of the job.”

Contracts director at WPCP, Dion Kuter, explains that the company is a multidisciplinary water treatment business, with expertise in several technical disciplines, including designing, building, maintaining and rehabilitating major water and wastewater purification plants, as well as process water plants. However, vacuuming sludge requires specialist equipment, and the company relies on partners, such as Werner Pumps, to assist with ensuring these parts of a job are accomplished correctly and to a high standard.

“We know we can rely on Werner Pumps, their operators and their rental fleet to do a good job,” he says.

Jolly says the Impi Combi Unit is a versatile machine suited to many applications. “The units are available for hire at a daily rate, which means that customers who need a truck for a specific purpose or situation can access one. This particular unit has a hydraulically driven vacuum pump, which operates at 1700 m3/hour, and we were able to achieve an average of seven to eight loads a day in a 10-hour shift (at + – 7500 litres per load), while other (smaller) vacuum trucks on site also achieved an average of eight to nine loads per day, but carried less volume. This included offloading the sludge at the designated dumping spot, which was a 10 km round trip per load. A total of 560 m3 of sludge was removed during the course of the two-week job.”

The Werner Pumps Impi Combi units are locally manufactured truck-mounted units, built in Springs, with a tilting 12.500 litre, 304 stainless steel tank, and a hydraulically-driven high-pressure pump capacity of 295 L/min at 150 bar. The high-pressure pump is also fitted with a pneumatically operated regulating valve, making infinite pressure adjustment possible, thus increasing the safety of the operator during use.

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