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Reliable lubrication when the application needs it

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LUBRICATION requirements are determined by the type of application and operating conditions. While certain applications need constant lubrication, others may require lubrication only when equipment is running.

That’s according to Eddie Martens, SKF Product Manager, Mapro, who said that irrespective of the application and its lubrication requirement, extreme reliability and accuracy are crucial as under- and over-lubrication can result in catastrophic and costly equipment failure and subsequent production stoppages.

“The SKF System 24 TLSD Series has the perfect lubrication solution to seamlessly meet both application requirements,” he added. “There are two different types of lubricators in the TLSD Series – the Electro-mechanical single point and Cabled single point automatic units. These TLSD lubricators deliver ultra-reliable lubrication and are ideal for applications that require additional monitoring.”

Martens said the Electro-mechanical single point automatic lubricator is ideal for critical applications that demand constant lubrication. Performing optimally under variable temperatures, this lubrication unit is also suitable for remote installation in restrictive and hazardous locations as well as for applications where high volumes of lubricant are required.

The lubrication set is supplied complete with drive unit, battery pack, filled lubricant cartridge and matching support plate, ready for use.

The Cabled single point automatic lubricator has been specially developed for applications that do not run continuously and, said Martens, is ideal for industrial equipment, elevators and compressors.

The lubricator can be set to deliver the correct quantity of lubricant over a set time period and when the equipment or machine is running. Offering an alternative to the battery powered drive unit, this cabled drive unit is cable connected to enable direct power supply and signal transfer.

The Cabled single point automatic lubricator is based on the proven single point automatic lubricator TLSD series. The main differentiators are the direct power supply from the machine’s control panel and the wired signal function towards the machine’s PLC.

The lubricator’s output signals can be used and stored within the equipment’s PLC. “Because the lubricator is powered from an external power supply, it can be switched on and off when necessary. This allows improved accuracy of the amount of lubricant supplied compared to traditional manual re-lubrication techniques.”

Martens said the TLSD lubricators are suitable for direct and remote installation and have a maximum discharge pressure of 5bar over the whole dispensing period. The replaceable cartridges are filled with 125ml or 250ml SKF lubricants (grease or oil) that has been especially developed for bearing applications. The transparent cartridge reservoir allows fast, easy visual inspection. Multiple accessories are available for both TLSD lubricators.

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