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Packaging recycling: moving FROMM catchphrases to action

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REDUCE, Reuse and Recycle is no mere catchphrase at FROMM Packaging Systems, says Denny Reddy, Managing Director.

He said their commitment to sustainability is seen across the complete lifecycle of a product, from the environmentally sound use of resources, to not using environmentally and health-damaging materials, and to the efficient use of transport and reducing direct and indirect CO² emissions.

The company’s approach to environmental protection covers recycling, green initiatives and actively striving to develop and produce more environmentally friendly products.

Reddy said its STARstrap plastic straps, for example, were one of the lightest polyester straps available today and have up to 25 % less polyester base material. “The straps are manufactured using up to 98% recycled polyester bottle material on state-of-the-art extrusion lines.”

The majority of this recycled raw material is produced in FROMM’s own recycling plants, with its Texplast GmbH recycling plant in Wolfen, Germany being one of the world’s largest.

The FROMM Airpad air cushions offer special HDPE films (25 – 65 microns) with a recycling rate of up to 60%, biodegradable films or paper alternatives that guarantee a high load capacity. The intelligent cushioning system consists of up to 99% air, saving on mass, volume, costs and raw materials. As a result, transport costs are reduced, and space requirements minimised.

The FROMM stretch wrapping system combines tear-resistant quality stretch films (8 – 23 microns) and wrapping machines, with a pre-stretch unit of up to 400% to provide highly efficient, material-saving packaging and optimal pallet securing. Up to 5m can be stretched from 1m of film.

According to Reddy, all FROMM products are designed for reuse and / or for reclaiming and reprocessing or used as high energy, low emission fuel for waste incineration processes. Returned used PET (polyester) bottles are converted in the FROMM recycling plants to high-quality regrinds, regranulates and agglomerates for the production of PET straps, food packaging, textiles and beverage bottles.

Airpads can be used multiple times before being recycled or disposed of, while boasting a 95% waste sorting rate, FROMM’s production facilities work towards ‘zero waste to landfill’. Film and strap waste, generated during production, is recovered in a closed cycle, recycled and re-processed in the production process or used in waste incineration. All FROMM recycled PET products meet or exceed the highest ecological and food industry standards.

FROMM’s plastics production and recycle facilities also strive to achieve the lowest environmental impact possible, meeting ISO 14001 (Environmental Management System) and/or ISO 50001 (Energy Management System) requirements where appropriate. As a result, many facilities make use of solar energy, which is up to 35% CO2-emission-free.

Controlled closed water circulation systems with internal filtration and the use of recycled wastewater minimises the use of high-quality drinking water in production processes. Waste heat produced by production is used for internal heating and other purposes, while the reduction of noise and dust is part of FROMM’s continuous improvement policy towards an optimal working environment.

“Such commitment to low environmental impact even extends to the tools and machines, which are designed for long service life and low energy consumption. Only high-quality materials are used, which are easy to disassemble and easy to recycle, with low-wear, efficient components, making energy savings of up to 25 % feasible.”

Wherever possible, plastic parts of FROMM tools and machines are made with recycled elements, Reddy added.

Optimisation of truck loads and the shortest possible transport routes for raw materials, recyclates and end products also limit the environmental impact as much as possible.

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