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New ultra-high-pressure hose extends service life in water-jetting applications

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GLOBAL motion and control technologies company Parker Hannifin has launched the PFX30-05, a DN8 ultra-high-pressure hose that it says offers improved service life in industrial water-jetting/blasting applications across sectors that include construction and shipbuilding.

Featuring six spiral layers of high-tensile steel wire instead of eight layers found in most counterparts, the new Parker PFX30-05 offers robust performance and extended operations, while simultaneously providing a low weight of just 0.96 to 1.11 kg/m.

“The high-pressure, high-velocity characteristics of water jetting/blasting means that only the toughest hoses can provide the service life required in demanding industrial environments,” the company said in a statement.

Developed by Parker’s Polymer Hose Division Europe, the new PFX30-05 ultra-high-pressure hose is ideal for use with water-jetting lances that deliver working pressures up to 3010 bar (301 MPa, 43,645 psi).

Such high pressure is often necessary in the construction sector for hydro-demolition and the removal of accumulated dirt and materials from surfaces like concrete and asphalt.

“Mindful of market demands for safety, Parker’s expert team of development engineers has created the PFX30-05 with a working pressure that carries a design factor of 2.3.”

Not only is water jetting/blasting highly effective at removing dirt, it also does not create dust levels during cleaning, unlike alternative processes such as sandblasting. As a result, dangerous contaminants do not become airborne, which is another important safety consideration for construction workers.

These reasons, along with its capability to remove corrosion, coatings and embedded crystallised salt, are why ultra-high-pressure water jetting is also favoured in a number of other industries, including shipbuilding and general engineering.

“Notably, PFX30-05 incorporates WJTA colour coding and, although the ultra-high-pressure hose is available ex-stock with an orange cover, other colours are available on request, making it fully adaptable to customer needs.”

For extreme conditions with increased abrasion requirements, a double-covered version with outer ToughJacket sheath is also available (PX30-05-TJ), again in WJTA-coded orange.

Ultra-high-pressure ToughJacket hoses are equipped with a robust, yet flexible cover that is even more abrasion-resistant than Parker’s standard double outer cover hoses. “Abrasion testing according to ISO6945 has shown that this proprietary jacket achieves abrasion levels at least 100 times greater than PVC.”

The PFX30-05, which has an outer hose diameter of 18.7 to 22.7 mm and offers a minimum bend radius of 230 mm, can handle water ranging in temperature from -10 to +70°C. Users benefit from a wide range of available connection types. Approved for use with 2X series permanent crimp fittings, the PFX30-05 replaces the current Parker hose designs 2748D-05Vxy, 2749D-05Vxy and 2840D-05Vxy.

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