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New generation forklift launches in SA

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MASSLIFT Africa, the exclusive distributor of Mitsubishi Forklifts in southern Africa, launched the upgraded new generation Mitsubishi Grendia forklift series to the interior region’s dealers, agents and suppliers. Units and parts were sold at the event held in Johannesburg. The various stakeholders gathered to witness the unveiling of the latest iteration of the acclaimed Grendia series, marking a significant leap forward in excellence and innovation within the material handling sector.

“After much anticipation, we are thrilled to officially launch the upgraded new generation Mitsubishi Grendia forklift in southern Africa,” said Marco Caverni, CEO of Masslift Africa. “This new truck, while retaining all the key strengths of its predecessor, introduces subtle yet impactful upgrades, symbolising our dedication to delivering cutting-edge solutions and advancing the industry. The journey with the Grendia series has been remarkable, and we are excited to watch this new generation continue to dominate as its predecessor did.”

Continuing the tradition of excellence

The new generation Mitsubishi Grendia forklift series represents efficiency, sustainability, and reliability, aligning with Masslift Africa’s mission to redefine the material handling landscape in southern Africa. With enhancements built upon the robust foundation of its predecessor, the Grendia series remains poised to meet and exceed the evolving needs of a wide range of customers and their applications.

Elevated performance and reliability: The upgraded Grendia series offers enhanced performance and reliability, ensuring uninterrupted operations in the most demanding environments.

Advanced technology and operator comfort: Integrated with cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design, the new Grendia series prioritises operator comfort and safety, enhancing productivity and reducing fatigue. The new Grendia also boasts an upgraded dashboard, starter motor protection, a low-noise engine, enhanced soundproofing, and floor-level noise reduction. The starter motor protection should add incredible value in the South African market and reduce customers’ repair costs over the life of the forklift.

Eco-friendly design and low fuel consumption: The innovative engine system demonstrates exceptional fuel efficiency, setting new benchmarks in the industry. Mitsubishi internal combustion forklifts prioritise sustainability with eco-friendly enhancements, minimising emissions and contributing to a greener environment. This leads to a fuel saving of 0.5 – 1.3 litres an hour (R1000-2000 p/m).

Prolonged service intervals: Mitsubishi Grendia forklifts boast extended service intervals of 500 hours compared to the industry standard of 250 hours. The extended lead times reduce maintenance costs and the downtime required to service the forklift.

Extended warranty: The Grendia series, supported by Mitsubishi’s dedication to quality, offers the longest warranty in its class: a 3-year / 5,000-hour powertrain warranty. Coupled with this, Masslift extends the powertrain warranty to an industry-leading 8-year / 12,000-hour if the customer takes a full maintenance agreement for the period.

Integrated presence system (IPS): The series’s IPS proactively identifies hazards before accidents, prioritising operator safety during vehicle operation and mitigating non-seated errors, serving as a robust shield for operators and workplaces against potential risks.

Lowest total cost of ownership: The Mitsubishi Grendia is one of the easiest and most effective forklifts to service. The extended service intervals coupled with the fuel efficiencies and the incredible 50% buyback offer from Masslift after 5 years / 5,000 hours means the new diesel Grendia offers the lowest total cost of ownership in the market.

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