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Multimodal inland port association drives more efficient use of rail

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THROUGH promotion, support, and advocacy, the Multimodal Inland Port Association aims to optimise efficiency and cost-effectiveness by increasing cargo transportation via rail through the use of more inland ports. The association was formed by leading entities in the transportation sector, including the Cato Ridge Inland Port, Tambo Springs Development Company, Cape Winelands Inland Port, the Musina Intermodal Terminal, RailRunner South Africa, and RailRunner Services. It is dedicated to improving Southern Africa’s supply chain.

The Multimodal Inland Port Association (MIPA) will début at the upcoming Transport Forum event on 23 May. This milestone occasion will bring together industry stakeholders, policymakers, and enthusiasts for an online gathering focused on advancing cargo movement from road to rail via inland ports.

“We are excited to introduce MIPA and its vision for a more sustainable and efficient logistics system,” says Warwick Lord, MIPA chairman. Lord will start the Forum with an introductory roadshow of MIPA, presenting the association’s vision to implement practical intermodal solutions for the region. These solutions address the challenges encountered at ports and along transportation corridors, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in cargo logistics.

According to Lord, MIPA’s strategy revolves around promoting efficient multimodalism. This entails establishing a network of privately operated freight hubs with rail terminals across the region to provide a more efficient and cost-effective logistics service, optimising cargo transportation and bolstering regional connectivity.

MIPA’s objectives are anchored in five core pillars: reducing logistics costs, enhancing capabilities, refining supply chain management, expanding reach and bolstering compliance with policies and regulations.

Joining the launch event as speakers are esteemed industry leaders who will share their expertise and insights on the future of South Africa’s logistics network.

Russell Baatjies, chief executive of Transnet Freight Rail (TFR), will highlight the pivotal role of rail as the critical connector between landside and seaside logistics systems, shedding light on its significance in the transportation ecosystem.

Dr Juanita Maree, chief executive officer of the South African Association of Freight Forwarders (SAAFF), will delve into the concept of an ideal South African logistics network, emphasising the importance of backup port operations and freight villages within a multimodal structure.

The topic of “South Africa’s inland port imperative: A critical and missing component” will be addressed by Prof Jan Havenga – Emeritus Professor at Stellenbosch University and director at GAIN.

Gavin Kelly, CEO of the Road Freight Association, will discuss the symbiotic relationships between various transport modes and their contribution to economic success, offering valuable insights into the interconnected nature of transportation networks.

Dr Ria Vosloo, a lead consultant at OTT Technologies, will explore the role of multimodal terminals in connecting the highways and byways of the sea, providing a comprehensive understanding of their significance in facilitating efficient cargo movement.

“We look forward to the opportunity to engage with industry to share our vision for MIPA and invite stakeholders to register for the virtual event,” says Lord.

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