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Medium voltage drives boost industry’s sustainability

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IN a world increasingly focused on sustainability, ElectroMechanica (EM) is taking a significant step towards energy efficiency in Southern Africa’s industries. EM recently announced the expansion of its portfolio to include medium voltage drives (MV VSDs), a move that holds promise for both sustainable energy and productivity improvements.

With the global commitment to Environmental and Social Sustainability strategies (ESS), industries worldwide are striving to decarbonize the planet. One critical aspect of this effort is energy efficiency, and it’s no secret that industries are among the biggest consumers of electricity. Recent research from the International Energy Agency (IEA) revealed that industrial applications account for a whopping 30% of the world’s electricity consumption.

Among the culprits are over 300 million electric motors, guzzling up to 65% of all industrial electricity. Achieving sustainability while reducing energy costs without compromising productivity is no small feat.

EM envisions a digitally and sustainably electrified future for Southern Africa. The company’s mission is to tackle issues like unsafe power distribution, inefficient energy consumption, manual electrical processes, and costly supply chains through innovative solutions.

The power of VSDs

A key player in EM’s strategy is the Variable Speed Drive (VSD). By applying VSDs to variable torque (VT) and constant torque (CT) motor loads, energy savings and productivity improvements become possible. Notably, VT applications often offer the most substantial electricity savings. EM emphasizes that with proper application, a VSD solution can quickly pay for itself through reduced electricity consumption.

Delta Electronics collaboration

Since 2006, EM has been the exclusive distributor of the Delta industrial automation range in the Southern African Development Community (SADC). This partnership has now expanded with the launch of Delta’s medium voltage (MV) VSD range in Southern Africa.
These MVF23 and MVF20 series drives cater to VT and CT electric motor loads. Their advanced technology produces near-sinusoidal output motor waveforms, minimising losses, vibrations, and overheating. They are adaptable for both new and existing motors in retrofit applications.

What sets the MVF23 and MVF20 series apart is their innovative design. They consist of modular low-voltage power cells connected in series, integrated with a low harmonic phase-shifting transformer. This transformer ensures high system efficiency and compliance with IEEE-519 standards. The drives have a small footprint and require no rear or side entry for maintenance, simplifying retrofitting.

Enhanced features

The MVF23/20 series comes with several standard features to optimize uptime, safety, and reliability. These include a 10” HMI touchscreen, IP42 protection, conformally coated boards, mechanical key interlock, and EtherNet/IP compatibility. They can operate as standalone solutions or integrate seamlessly into a PLC/SCADA system.

A sustainable future

ElectroMechanica emphasizes that all their MV VSD solutions are engineered to order, undergo rigorous testing, and adhere to relevant end-user standards. This commitment to quality ensures that these solutions are reliable and efficient. EM also invites customers to participate in factory acceptance tests.

With its expansion into medium voltage drives, ElectroMechanica is paving the way for sustainable industrial practices in Southern Africa. By promoting energy efficiency and productivity, EM’s collaboration with Delta Electronics is poised to make a lasting impact on the region’s industries. Sustainability and energy efficiency are no longer distant goals; they are becoming a reality in the heart of Southern Africa’s industrial landscape.

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