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Luxury is found in the finest details

Home Engineering Automation & Control Luxury is found in the finest details

NOW that Covid-19 is best forgotten and the world is focusing on making life better again, the leisure industry is seen to be upping its game to ensure the little details in hospitality are as they should be.

Legrand has made a substantial investment to ensure its range of hospitality solutions meets the highest standards globally, for quality, design, convenience and safety.
Take a hotel guest room for example. It’s the no-fuss touches like temperature control, convenient bedside panels and efficient charging facilities for electronic devices, that count.

According to specialists, Legrand gives immaculate attention to the needs of the leisure or business traveller, emulating that comfortable, familiar feeling for each guest, of being at home.

Legrand’s range of stylish Arteor wiring devices, includes technologically advanced systems designed to enhance the comfort and convenience for guests – in communal areas of the establishment and in each hotel room.

Arteor cover plates have an innovative bevelled profile, which gives the illusion that the extra-flat and slimline product is floating, rather than being attached to the wall. Arteor wiring devices meet global standards and are available in formats accommodating up to eight modules, with the possibility of creating between six and eight lever switches. These cover plates can be customised to specific requirements, including a hotel’s corporate identity.

To reinforce the high-end character of these devices, sophisticated materials have been selected, giving Arteor a multicultural identity, in line with its international positioning.
An important feature is that decorators are able to ‘mix and match’ the design option and a choice of 17 different finishes – neutral, mirror, brushed and reflective metal or wood – for any control function. These combinations can be changed at any time to suit exact requirements.

Convenient charging options

Legrand’s wireless chargers for mobile devices have been designed to make life easier for travellers.

These wireless chargers, with advanced technology, are ergonomic and functional, with versatility for use without cables. All a user with an induction-compatible smartphone has to do, is place the mobile device on the wireless stand and it will automatically start charging. With this convenient charging system, it is not necessary to search for the right cable or an available socket and there is no longer the concern about a flat battery and being out of reach.

Arteor USB chargers have a Type-C connector that is reversible for simplified connection and is used for fast charging of devices and high-speed data, audio and video transfers. New Arteor monoblocs are equipped with two different USB charging ports, A-Type and C-Type 3 A – 5 V, 15 W.

Common area solutions

Legrand solutions for common areas of an establishment include floor boxes, pop-up boxes and emergency lighting – all designed to enhance comfort, convenience and safety.

Floor boxes integrate seamlessly into any type of concrete screed or raised floor and can be neatly installed under any type of floor covering. These versatile floor boxes have been designed to accommodate various configurations, depending on connection requirements and the number of sockets to be equipped.

Legrand pop-up floor boxes are integrated unobtrusively into raised flooring or table tops, ensuring flexibility, safety and enhanced aesthetics – whether it is an original installation, extension or reconfiguration. Pop-up boxes are available in five different sizes, with 3, 4, 6 and 8 modules.


Emergency lighting units are essential products in an establishment that must be fully operational to ensure safety in the event of an emergency evacuation. The technical room is the heart of a hospitality building. This critical facility needs to distribute and protect the entire electrical infrastructure of the building, taking into account changes in energy quality and consumption.

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