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Lube-free polymer linear guides get rid of grease and friction

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ADVANCED engineered-polymer manufacturer, igus, has launched a global drive to convert manufacturers requiring linear guides to new dry types with no requirement for lubricants which have the potential to contaminate products and the environment.

Linear guides are used in a variety of applications from robotics to CNC machine and 3D printers, as well as packaging equipment, printers and other machines that move on a set axis.

Until recently the biggest source of failure and premature maintenance has been friction related to where the bearing meets the guide. Grease and oil to lubricate traditional bearings is also a major source of contamination in industry.

The new dry linear guides have a surface that eliminates most of the friction and allows polymer linear bearings and pillow blocks to glide or float across the surface without lubrication. The product range of lubrication-free drylin linear guides is based on the principle of “gliding instead of rolling”.

Juan-Eric Davidz igus product manager for bearings explains that in combination with corrosion-free materials, tribo-optimised iglidur high-performance polymers are used as a sliding surface; drylin linear guides traverse in dry operation and are maintenance-free, and not sensitive to dirt, water, chemicals, heat and impacts.

“They are also low noise because of the materials used and the special design. With these properties, drylin linear guides can be used in diverse environments, including extreme conditions. The modular system allows for high flexibility with different rail guides and pillow blocks,” said Davidz.

The product range includes:

  • Linear technology
  • Linear guides
  • W profile guides
  • N low profile guides
  • T rail guide
  • R shaft guides
  • Q linear square guide
  • NT telescopic rails
  • Complete systems with measurement technology
  • Lead screw technology
  • Accessories

Apart from improved reliability and extended maintenance requirements, other operational and productivity improvements are possible with the adoption of dry technology iglidur and drylin linear technology.

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