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Local knife gate valves perform in harsh conditions

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BMG and Abrasive Flow Solutions (AFS) – part of the Engineering Solutions Group (ESG) of Invicta Holdings Limited – design, supply and support a broad range of slurry related valves.

Included in this range of FPV and KLEP valves are slurry knife gate valves, which are manufactured by AFS and distributed throughout Africa by BMG. The AFS manufacturing plant in Benoni is equipped with advanced equipment and is supported by specialists who offer technical support.

“BMG’s Fluid Technology Low Pressure division works closely with AFS specialists to further improve the quality of knife gate valves, by lengthening their service life and reducing maintenance requirements,” said Willie Lamprecht, BMG’s Business Unit Manager, Fluid Technology Low Pressure division.

“To ensure optimum safety, efficiency and the extended service life of each system, the selection of the correct industrial slurry valve is critical. Valve selection is based on various factors, including the size and shape of particles, pressure, temperatures and chemical content.”

Lamprecht said the BMG knife gate valves range is particularly well-suited for use in harsh conditions in diverse industries, including mining, chemical and petrochemical, water and wastewater, energy production and agri-food industries.

FPV Urethane-lined high pressure slurry knife gate valves are designed for full on/off applications. The Urethane is moulded throughout the body and chest area, while the lining is flush with the bottom of the valve, eliminating any pocket where material can collect.

These valves have a pressure rating up to 300 psi (25 bar) and can withstand operation at temperatures between -50ﹾC and +80ﹾC. Sleeve materials include gum rubber, high temperature EPDM, Neoprene, Nitrile and Butyl.

FPV wafer slurry knife gate valves are designed as a space saving option for slurry applications. The full port design allows the gate to be fully isolated by the sleeve in the open position. When the valve is closed, the gate pushes between the sleeves, ensuring a 100% bi-directional bubble-tight seal, with no downstream leakage.

Notable features of this lightweight valve include a narrow body, long-wearing replaceable sleeves and a high-strength stainless steel blade.

The FPV flanged slurry knife gate valve – a bi-directional gate valve, with long-wearing, field-replaceable rubber sleeves – is designed to withstand the harsh abrasive duty in mining and milling applications. Isolation is provided by the gate passing through the sleeves and expelling any solids that could clog or jam the blade, through the bottom of the valve housing.

The fluorocarbon coated stainless steel gate is designed to reduce friction of these lightweight valves. These valves a have a pressure rating up to 300 psi (21 bar)

FPV high pressure slurry knife gate valves have with a full flanged body, which is manufactured in cast ductile iron and is double-coat epoxy painted for durability in harsh operating conditions.

Features of this series include bi-directional operation at 51 bar, a double seat design and rubber sleeves that rely on the pressure between the sleeves to seal and provide a 100% bubble-tight shut off. These rubber seals, with an internal stiffening ring, are easily replaced in the field, prolonging valve working life.

BMG’s wafer lug knife gate valves, with a narrow body, have been designed as a space-saving option in corrosive applications. The resilient seat is an elastomer sleeve that supports and guides the gate, ensuring full tightness when closed. The body and seat are designed to ensure a non-clogging shut-off/on of suspended solids.

These valves, which can be manufactured with replaceable sleeves, are used in either bi-directional or dead-end service. All types of actuators can be fitted, including electric, gearbox, hydraulic, pneumatic and handwheel units.

BMG’s range of industrial slurry valves also includes butterfly, diaphragm and pinch valves. These valves – which meet stringent quality and safety specifications – are highly efficient on the mines, for the control and isolation of abrasive slurries.

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