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Infrared measurement and cameras add safety to scrap recycling

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INSTROTECH, the local representative of Optris, offers fire protection through Infrared cameras and IR measurement technology. A shredding facility operates unmanned for an extended period and has known risks for starting a fire: Heat, fuel sources and oxygen. The friction of the scrap generates heat that, together with oxygen, can ignite existing flammable liquids like fuels, oils, and grease, as well as materials such as paper and cardboard.

In unguarded facilities, a fire can spread significantly before detection. Metal shredding plants are often located in less fortified production halls and increased risk of personal injury and machine damage.

Solution with infrared cameras

Optris offers the solution with IR cameras of the Xi/ PI series: increased temperatures in shredders, which can lead to a fire, are detected early, and a reliable alarm avoids dangerous situations.

For example, the latest solution from Optris, the compact IR camera Xi 410, works fully autonomously. In an alarm situation, the sensor independently sends signals to process instances that can, for example, shut down the motor or disconnect the power supply to affected shredders.

The camera’s optical resolution is 384 x 240 pixels and the spectral range is 8 to 14 µm. The temperature range is -20°C bis 900°C and the spot-to-distance ratio (D:S) is 390:1 (18° optics). There is motorised focus and thermal sensitivity is (NETD) 80 mK. The system accuracy (at ambient temperature 23 ±5 °C) is ±2 °C or ±2 %, the larger value applies and ambient temperature (TUmg): 0 °C to 50 °C.

Other advantages

Features such as motor focus and integrated auto hotspot finder make rugged and compact imagers like the Xi 410 ideal for safety-related applications, especially in the area of preventive fire protection and condition monitoring of machinery and equipment. The optical components of the infrared cameras can also be kept clean effectively in harsh environments by using air purge sleeves.

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