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High-precision data loggers for wire and thermocouple probes

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SENSECA, formerly the GHM Group, has launched its PRO 111 and PRO 115 handheld meter/data logger with enhanced features and a re-design for Pt100 4-wire probes. It also launched its PRO 131/PRO 135 data logger for thermocouple probes.

“Both of these devices now give a higher quality LED screen making the data more visible due to the backlit dot matrix/clear text display, as well as a data logging storage capacity of up to one million data. These high-precision instruments are suitable for temperature measurement across all industries. They are robust, reliable and ergonomically designed for both one-handed and bench-top use,” says Jan Grobler, managing director of Senseca South Africa.

The PRO 111/PRO 115 data loggers are high-class professional handheld meters for 4-wire Pt100 probes. Any four-wire Pt 100 standard probe can be connected provided it is equipped with an M12 connector. It has a high-precision temperature-compensated analogue front-end meter that does not add any significant error in the measurement chain which also allows life chart viewing. The device incorporates a sophisticated polynomial sensor linearisation to ensure the best performance and to provide all relevant possibilities for calibration and adjustments.

The LED display offers a ‘hold’ feature which allows freezing of the measurement on display, while the ‘rel’ feature shows the measurement against the measured value.
The PRO 115 is easily connected via the USB C port for viewing or downloading files stored in the internal memory of the instrument for connection to the application software Proxware.

Both models are dual channel professional handheld meters for thermocouple probes. Any K, J, T, N, R, S, B and E standard thermocouple probe can be connected. They offer configurable surface correction factors and can be set for use in combination with Senseca contact probes for enhanced measuring accuracy. The PRO 135 also has a data logging capability.

They also offer ‘hold’ and ‘rel’ options. In addition, if two probes are connected, the instrument will calculate and show the difference between the measurement of the two channels.

Both the four-wire ropes and the thermocouple instruments offer acoustic alarms with high thresholds and optional hysteresis, statistical functions of Min, Avg and Max, IP67 waterproofed with long battery life, external power via USB along with quick access to most used operations are some of the functional features on the device.

Grobler commented that the redesign of the devices has enabled Senseca to improve functionality, accuracy and reliability while still offering pinpoint precision data loggers that have been manufactured to the highest European standards.

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