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Find the right dewatering pump

CHOOSING suitable tools for a dewatering project starts with asking the right questions, according to product manager at dewatering pump specialist IPR, Steve du Toit.

The company – previously known as Integrated Pump Rental – was recently appointed master dealer in Southern Africa for dewatering pumps from the leading pump brand Atlas Copco. Du Toit argues that a good first question when planning a dewatering project should relate to the nature of the fluid to be pumped.

“You need to know the weight of the fluid, so that the pump has enough power to draw the liquid through,” he says. “In many cases, we find different fluid types on the same construction, quarrying or mining site; sludge, construction materials and other insoluble materials must often be pumped along with the fluid.”

These materials can range in size from particulates to solids of up to four inches. Heavy slurry demands a particular kind of pump, for instance, so to try and pump it using a centrifugal trash pump will only end in severe damage to the equipment.

“The pH level in the fluid is also essential to understand, as this indicates how acidic the liquid is,” he explains. “The further the fluid deviates from the neutral – which is seven on the pH scale of zero to 14 – the more chemical impact the fluid will have on the pump’s internal components.”

Du Toit notes that the pump internals must be constructed of the appropriate material to be resistant to fluids with high acidic or base characteristics. Other important questions to ask are about the site itself. Is it readily accessible, for example, and is there electric power available?

“Most dewatering pumps are trailer-mounted or skid-mounted,” he says. “A trailer-mounted pump system is easy to transport but may take up additional space on the jobsite. Also, if there is not a power source nearby, an electric pump will not suit your needs and will require a diesel-powered solution.”

If there is elevation to deal with, then fluid may have to be pumped uphill. The distance to be pumped will, of course, be a factor to consider.

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