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Faster leak detection with sound imaging tech

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COMTEST’s Fluke ii900 handheld sonic industrial imager offers fast, simple detection of compressed air, steam, gas and vacuum leaks in compressed air systems.

According to the company, the intuitive interface allows technicians to isolate sound frequency of leaks to filter out background noise. “In only hours, maintenance techs inspect the plant, even during peak-operations,” it said in a statement.

This industrial imager locates issues using a sound technology called SoundSight. Leaks can be identified more quickly and displayed visually with SoundMap. “With the visual image, it is easy to scan a large area quickly and even identify leaks from a distance.”

The Fluke ii900 is specifically designed for industrial maintenance teams, maintenance leads, plant maintenance managers and plant operations managers, who rely on compressed air, gas or vacuum in their routine operations.

“With minimal training, technicians can check air leaks in routine maintenance. The ii900 means a comprehensive check for compressed air leaks, while simultaneously conducting gas/vacuum leak identification.”

Manufacturing applications include aerospace, automotive, glass, machinery, instrumentation and appliances, plastic and rubber, mining and mineral processing, while process manufacturing applications include cement, chemical processing, food and beverage, and pulp, paper and wood.

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