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IMPORTER and distributor of engineering consumables, equipment and accessories, JTB Industrial Solutions (JTB), offer spray mist portable cooling systems and a range of deburring tools from its long-standing international supplier Noga Engineering. This association with Noga is part of JTB’s next-generation engineering solutions offering to its base of loyal customers.

JTB’s Managing Director Joash David says, “Noga is a well-known global manufacturer of machinist hand tools, including deburring equipment and other tools used in the metalworking, plastic and plumbing industries. The company also provides spray mist portable cooling spray systems.”

Simple and cost-effective cooling

Noga cooling systems are applicable in all metalworking operations to alleviate points where friction occurs between the tool and the work piece, producing heat and tool wear.

To counteract these harmful influences, Noga cooling systems are introduced at the contact points between the tool and the work piece.

JTB supplies the Noga MIC1700 MiniCool spray mist portable cooling system, which is designed to spray an air and liquid mixture. The MiniCool enables the user to easily control both air-flow and liquid rates.

The MiniCool can be used for large fabrication facilities, mine maintenance workshops, in the automotive industry and for original equipment manufacturing, as well as in education and training environments.

The cooling system also assists with tool maintenance, blowing away the swarf generated during machining processes, which can clog up the machine. A collection bucket keeps the working environment neat and assists with the safety of employees.

Deburring tools

The range of Noga deburring equipment improves the finish of plastic and metal parts and includes different configurations to allow the tool to reach every point or site on the product from which a burr must be removed.

“The Noga deburring system is well-known in South Africa, with a justifiably excellent reputation for quality, affordability and innovation,” says David.

JTB Industrial Solutions carry the full-range of Noga deburring tools, as well as the MIC1700 MiniCool spray mist portable cooling system, both of which are designed to offer cost-effective solutions for extending the life of valuable machinery while also facilitating safe, quality production.

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