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Cummins to the rescue during load shedding

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CUMMINS’ technology is particularly suited to dealing with load shedding due to features such as full load acceptance for critical equipment.

That’s according to Warrick Gibbens, Power Generation Leader, Cummins Southern Africa, who said a full range of alternative power solutions is available from mines to factories and even the small business and residential sector.

“Our key differentiator is that we can supply a small 17 kVA genset for residential or commercial use, all the way to a 3 750 kVA unit for mining, data centre and hospital applications, for example,” he said.

Gibbens added that their energy-efficient engines comply with international emission standards and also have a high fuel tolerance level, which makes them ideal for arduous African operating conditions. “In terms of automatic start-up, Cummins gensets have one of the best response times on the market.”

In addition, Cummins can also supply one-stop solutions for multiple back-up power requirements for largescale clients such as mining operations or factories. It not only provides the gensets themselves, but all ancillary components, from air and oil filters and even coolant.

“Our value proposition is to offer the highest-quality products, and also ensure that they are serviced and maintained properly,” Gibbens said.

Cummins has a training facility where its own technicians and clients can receive customised training on any engine platform. This training is fully accredited, with certificates presented to all successful candidates.

The company can supplement its gensets with maintenance contracts of varying duration, depending on the application and specific requirements. This ranges from simple inspection and cleaning to a recommended yearly service of any standby units.

“Clients also have peace of mind in that we only use certified installers, in addition to being able to offer the type of warranty that sets an industry benchmark.”

Cummins can even become involved with the design phase of alternative power solutions, all the way through to installation and commissioning. Technicians are located throughout South Africa, in addition to an extensive dealer network that can also accommodate remote locations.

“The main aim is to limit the impact of load shedding for our customers and to ensure they have minimal downtime,” Gibbens said.

An innovative solution in this regard is the PowerCommandCloud 550 remote monitoring system, which is ideal for large-scale customers such as financial institutions that operate multiple gensets.

Here monitoring each genset individually is not practical or cost-effective. Instead, PowerCommandCloud 550 provides a convenient means of remotely monitoring gensets, transfer switches and output controls.

Users can access the system from any computer using a Microsoft Silverlight-enabled web browser, with no additional software required.

Southern Africa Managing Director Racheal Njoroge said customers also stand to benefit from Cummins South Africa now officially being a Level 4 B-BBEE contributor, having progressed from its previous Level 8 status.

“It positively contributes to our customers’ own scorecards, enabling them to increase their procurement spend as they are now dealing with a compliant Level 4 supplier. It is certainly a win-win for all stakeholders,” Njoroge said.

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