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Combined thermal flow measurement, IO link

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THE OMNIPLUS-F thermal flow sensor measurement device from Honsberg offers Calorimetric measuring principles and applications, such as measurement of flow, speed, temperature and volume of fluid media, without moving parts and on one universal device, instead of three.

Jan Grobler, Managing Director of GHM Messtechnik, South Africa said the device’s large screen offers the user a high-resolution display with greater visibility, while the Calorimetric measuring principle makes it practically wear-free and gives the user the ability to record media temperature in addition to flow measurement.

“The OMNIPLUS-F is one of the fastest and versatile calorimetric flow sensors available, due to the special arrangement of sensors that Honsberg has developed in combination with optimised software algorithms,” Grobler said.

“We believe new features such as the integrated IO-link and a newly designed screen that gives real-time data readings in a display that is clearly visible to operators, makes this device unique.”

He said the device has applications across a wide cross section of industries, including oil, mining, pharmaceutical and food and beverage.

The integrated IO-Link interface enables the digital transfer of all measurements and other sensor data and the complete parameterisation of the sensor.

“There are no barriers standing in the way of integration into larger sensor networks. The selection of various process connections offers a solution for practically every installation situation, making the OMNIPLUS-F the right choice for Industry 4.0 applications.”

The device offers a flow measuring range of 2-300 cm/s with an accuracy of +- (7%MW + 2% FS) and a reproducibility of 5 cm/s. The temperature measuring range is -20 – + 120o C. At a minimum flow speed a 2o C accuracy is achieved.

Measurement mediums are H2O (adjusted), Oil (adjusted), other liquids (configurable) and air. Pressure resistance up to 200 Bar (Probe dependent). The outputs can be configured for 4-20 mA or 0-10 V and 2 switches for high / low monitoring conditions are integrated into the sensor.

The device has an operating voltage of 18-30V DC and a power consumption of <150 mA and has a 1o C resolution.

Additional user comfort includes a rotating and pressable multifunction ring enabling the flow sensor to be parameterised completely and intuitively without a manual or connection to a PC.

“The three measurement variables in a single device, intuitive operation and IO-Link functionality, gives the OMNIPLUS-F device a strong industrial quality. The unique design of the instrument makes it extremely user friendly,” said Grobler.

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