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Centrifugal dewatering surface pump solutions

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ATLAS Copco’s rugged PAS dry self-priming and PAC H high head dewatering surface pump series features smart design, cutting-edge technology, quality components and advanced manufacturing.

That’s according to David Stanford, Business Line Manager for Atlas Copco Power Technique’s Portable Products, who said the range was a prime example of the company’s commitment to developing smaller, lighter products that are easy to use, easy to move and easy to maintain.

Also available in a canopy version, the PAS range comprises four high flow (HF) and five medium flow (MF) models delivering a maximum flow capacity of 2100 m3/h, with a maximum head of 75 m and an outlet size of 100 – 300 mm.

Stanford said these diesel pump systems are equipped with several features that render them ideal for mining applications.

“With the ability of working with clean or dirty water and handling trash and fibrous materials with ease, these pumps can pump, raise and transport liquids with solids of up to 100 mm in suspension over long distances without the risk of clogging. This exceptional solids-handling capability is due to the inclusion of a centrifugal pump with a semi-open impeller and an abrasion-resistant pump casting.”

Stanford added that the PAS pumps’ dry prime capabilities enable the user to start pumping immediately with a simple flip of the switch, ensuring reliable operation in stringent conditions where start-up can often present a challenge.

The pump system’s high-capacity diaphragm pump makes automatic priming possible; the air in the pump is separated from the liquid by the large SuperDuo separator which is then sucked by the vacuum pump.

Moving on to Atlas Copco’s PAC H high head series, Stanford said these “high value” pumps, part of the company’s Head series, combine performance and efficiency.

Featuring a maximum head size of 150 m, a maximum flow of up to 1200 m3/h and a solids-handling capability of up to 89 mm, he said the PAC H series is particularly suited to industrial applications such as water transfer and will benefit industries such as oil and gas, quarrying, surface mining and construction as well as the municipal sector.

“Equipped with a high efficiency hydraulic end, our pumps consume very little fuel irrespective of the operating conditions. Moreover, thanks to a modular design, one pump is capable of covering multiple requirements. With fewer pumps required and fast easy manoeuvrability thanks to compact dimensions coupled with a light weight, uptime and productivity is boosted.”

The hinge kit available on the PAS range, simplifies and speeds up pump maintenance. The pump is fitted with a hinged cover that provides fast easy, access to components, enabling an industry-leading three-minute clean up and restart.  The service and maintenance process on the PAC H pumps is facilitated as wear components can be serviced or replaced without the need to dismantle the pump.

These include Atlas Copco’s semi-cartridge seal design, hinge kit, bolted wear plate and link belts, The semi-cartridge seal, which is normally an optional extra on other pumps in the market but standard on the PAC H, makes the lip seal and impeller easily accessible.

“The innovative hinge kit includes a ‘swing door’ that allows quick and easy access to the pump’s internal workings and a single bolt to remove the impeller,” Stanford said, adding that by using link belts to enable changeovers without having to dismantle the entire wet end of the unit reduces MTTR (mean time to repair) by up to 30%.

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