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‘Big five’ products help customers discover new levels of efficiency

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THE automation industry is increasingly becoming a competitive environment that requires cost reduction, productivity, reliability, and performance. Finding attractively priced pneumatic automation products that can reliably handle numerous standard tasks and still meet all these demands has become daunting. Festo South Africa, an automation company, best known for their leading components and trailblazing inventions, is giving its customers easy access to its big five core range products through its latest campaign.

Owing their title to the iconic African big five animals, these sought-after products have features that make them stand out amongst the over 2 200 components in this range. In this wildlife-themed campaign, the company explores the similarities between their products and the big five.

Powerful MS-Basic filter regulator

With its large product range, highly effective components and a wide choice of functions, the MS-Basic series is easily the king of the Festo jungle. The MS-Basic’s strength lies in its ability to offer a complete concept for compressed air preparation and can also be connected into a modular air prep system – making them suitable for simple standard applications as well as application-specific solutions. Furthermore, it is fully compatible with the MS series. This allows users to create the best possible mix of low-cost basic functions and any high-end functions they need.

One-way flow control valve VFOE

Apart from their speed, leopards are known for their amazing camouflage and ability to thrive in different environments. This is the same with the new, manually adjustable one-way flow control valve VFOE. It offers different valve functions, numerous connection sizes and can adapt to different environments, making it the perfect solution for standard requirements in pneumatic automation technology. The colour-coded rotary knobs guarantee easy identification of the appropriate valve function.

Thanks to the new, integrated push-to-lock functional principle and quick push-in fitting, installation and commissioning are fast and efficient.

Coming in different sizes, the Festo compact cylinder, double-acting ADN-S, can be considered the elephant in the core range due to its outstanding features and a large selection of variants as well as accessories. The cylinder’s compact body, detailed features and accessories speak to its intelligent design. One such example is the patent 3-component piston with excellent running and cushioning characteristics in the end positions – for high speeds and machine cycles. The ADN-S is ideal in test situations, simulation setups or test procedures like pressing buttons on devices or in switch-on and switch-off operations, which typically have small loads.

Although big in size, buffalos can move through the bush with amazing speed and stealth. The Festo space-saving round cylinder DSNU-S is no stranger to speed. It consists of a self-adjusting pneumatic end-position cushioning that adapts optimally to load and speed changes.

This cylinder is the perfect choice for high running performance. The DSNU-S’s materials and precision manufacturing make its variants durable and robust.

Rhinos have a strong sense of smell that alerts them of potential threats. This animal can be easily likened to the Festo proximity switch SDBT-MSX. Our switch senses the proximity of a magnetic field and creates positive feedback in the sensor, which then provides the signal. With its detection range of 20 mm, it is easy to install, especially in applications where mounting is difficult. SDBT-MSX fits in all drives with a T-slot. It best matches drives from Festo, such as, among others, standard-based cylinder DSBC, guided drive DFM, round cylinder DSNU and mini slide DGST.

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