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Beating bacterial infections with specialised connectors

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IN keeping with the company’s drive for continuous innovation, Marechal Electric has launched an antibacterial range of connectors using Ag+ technology. ​​​​​​​

The company specialises in the manufacture of low voltage electrical connectors from 5A to 1250A, as well as electrical solutions for potentially explosive atmospheres, through the Technor brand.

Using this new technology means that an active silver ion additive has been incorporated into the company’s poly handles. This provides a protective barrier which inhibits the growth of bacteria.

Reducing the risk of bacterial transfer and potential infection is relevant across all industries and not only limited to the most obvious food & beverage or pharmaceutical manufacturing sectors.

The inorganic nature, small particle size and high temperature tolerance of the antimicrobial additive also make it ideal for use in many different applications.
The anti-bacterial treatment is indicated on the new poly handles with a laser engraved Ag+ marking providing a reliable, long-lasting labelling solution.

The anti-bacterial treatment is effective against Campylobacter, Salmonella, Pseudomonas, Listeria and MRSA. ​​​​​​​This new poly handle option is currently available on the company’s fast-moving ranges: DSN1 20 A – DSN3 32 A – DSN6 63 A – DS1 30 A – DS3 50 A – PN 30 A – EVO 40 A and Multicontact ranges.

Marechal Electric is a French family business founded in 1952 that is independent and committed to customers, employees and its suppliers.

Customers benefit from Marechal products designed to ensure safety, durability, performance, ease of use and energy efficiency.

The company offers products under two complementary brands Marechal and Technor with the same level of quality requirement worldwide. Committed to this approach, Marechal Electric remains an example of success, offering products of unrivalled quality, resulting from investment in research and development reinforcing the French electrical industry’s reputation.

Marechal Electric also stands for collaboration based on trust, proximity with partners, suppliers, customers and employees.

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