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Anchors provide security in bolted construction elements

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IN a continuous drive for product improvement, specialist designers, manufacturers and suppliers of structural and precast concrete construction elements, Peikko South Africa, has introduced the Hulco range of anchor bolts – making them a popular choice for securely anchoring concrete or steel structures or machinery into concrete base structures such as foundations, slabs, base columns, columns, or walls.

Hulco anchor bolts with straightforward assembly on-site and relatively short anchorage length are particularly suited for shallow structures like slabs and beams, providing a cost-efficient solution with remarkable load-bearing capacities for heavy-duty bolted connections.

These high performance construction elements are embedded in concrete and attached using nuts and washers to the structures or base plates. The addition of non-shrinking grout enhances the bond between the bolted connected structure and the base structure, acting as reinforced concrete, providing high tested load-bearing capacities for heavy-duty connections in demanding anchoring applications.

The Hulco product range – available in a choice of standard sizes 30, 36, 39, 45, and 52 mm – is compatible with Peikko’s Bolda Column Shoes and Sumo Wall Shoes, enabling a wide range of precast connections. CE marked and ETA certified the Hulco anchor bolts are designed to resist various forces including axial, shear, tensile and compressive forces, bending moments, and fire.

The product is available in a choice of different coatings including uncoated, ECO, or Hot-Dip galvanized options, providing flexibility to suit different project requirements and environments.

Specially designed for industrial construction projects, the unit’s simple design speeds up on-site erection and compact packaging ensures optimal use of truck space during transportation. The bolt’s advanced material composition combines light weight with high strength making them easy to transport and handle.

Peikko includes reusable installation templates and provides free of charge the new Peikko Designer Bolted Connection software for design assistance. This new Peikko Designer is a cloud-based design tool. No installations or downloads are required ensuring that users benefit from automatic updates. The simple and intuitive user interface ensures a good user experience throughout the design process.

The new software features among other improvements, reporting and calculation updates and gives the user more freedom as it enables the reliable and standardized design of architectural shapes that deviate from the mainstream. The new software also allows for inspecting load capacities more visually thanks to 3D capacity graphs. In addition, the tool offers more options for visualizing results while also leaving room for their interpretation. Torsion calculation is one of the new standard features.

The renewed design tool was released together with Hulco, and updates and extensions for the software are expected throughout 2024. The current version has all the basic features needed to successfully design bolted column connections while it is available in EN Eurocode, future updates to the tool will further add support for supplementary rebars, fire stage calculations, and national annexes. In the future, all Peikko’s design tools will be cloud-based and easily accessible with a single login and credentials.

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