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A new benchmark in control automation excellence?

Home Engineering Automation & Control A new benchmark in control automation excellence?

MOVI-C from SEW-Eurodrive offers controller control technology throughout the entire automation process from planning and commissioning through to operations and diagnostics.

Dylan Enslin, Maxolution Engineer at SEW-Eurodrive South Africa said the technology offers customers an advanced modular automation system, which provides the highest levels in machine and system automation excellence through decentralised drive and control technologies. “It reduces costs while improving usability with less complexity.”

The Generation C range differs in respect to its generation B predecessor, with the main change being uniformity of look and feel and decentralised technology.

“MOVI-C is a new and improved version of the current generation technology. It offers similar parameters but gives a significantly improved user interface and experience. Better efficiency, improved controls, simplified installation and programming all offer the customer significant control improvements.”

Enslin added that software in the Generation C range had been optimised with improved electronics at a component level. “With everything now modular and decentralised, we can offer our customers greater flexibility in applications and a far more efficient and effective solution.

“We are dedicated to the supply of Industry 4.0 advanced technology which offers great improvements in terms of software, overload capacities and communication protocols such as Ethercat CiA402. MOVI-C represents just that.”

MOVI-C comprises four modules: MOVISUITE engineering software, MOVIC-C Controller Control technology, MOVIDRIVE inverter and safety technology and MOVIGEAR and MOVIMOT decentralised drive technology, which can be utilised in various configurations.

Enslin said that interchangeable electronics between MOVIMOT and MOVIGEAR reduce spare part requirements held at plant and that MOVIMOT Flexible is able to run closed loop synchronous servo motors, which is useful for dynamic applications which require positioning and de centralised inverters.

New Features

He described SEW-Eurodrive’s one cable technology as a highlight of the MOVI-C control automation solution as it offers a single cable technology with a digital encoder for synchronous and asynchronous motors. One hybrid cable is installed for the data connection between the frequency inverter and electric motor, simplifying the process further with a uniform plug connector.

With electronic nameplate information, and fully integrated digital motor encoders in various designs, the one hybrid cable is of an exceptionally robust and high-performance design with coaxial data cable, making it suitable for cables of up to 200 m.

A further new feature is the new digital MOVILINK DDI data interface, which sends performance, brake and diagnostic data from the motor, and both safe and non-safe encoder data.

The company says MOVIGEAR lowers costs through its space saving, decentralised drive and automation system that SEW-Eurodrive offers as an all-in-one unit. The built-in Profinet communications protocol reduces the need for extra topology and extra wiring through its compact design. The new MOVIGEAR is also energy efficient and come with an IE5 rating.

Additionally, all gear units, motors, electric components as well as built-in encoders and diagnostic units are housed in the all-in-one unit giving the ability to quickly and easily start up machinery in engineering plants.

“Cutting costs and saving energy are important considerations when operating plant and machinery. Decentralised installation concepts are based on modularising and standardising components and functions whilst integrating intelligent control solutions directly in the drive technology and/or on the machine or plant module. MOVI-C is the way forward, it is the solution that SEW-Eurodrive believes is the new benchmark,” said Enslin.

The MOVI-C solution is due to be launched in the next two years, but various automotive manufactures have expressed interest in this technology to be incorporated into their local plants, having seen benefits such as shorter installation/commissioning timeframes and simplified turnkey solutions in the event of plant breakdown via their parent companies in Germany whom SEW-Eurodrive service.

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