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If toughness is a Criterion, check out these forklifts

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RECENTLY launched TCM T5C internal combustion forklift trucks are now available throughout Southern Africa from Criterion Equipment.

According to Brenton Kemp, Managing Director of Criterion Equipment, these robust new TCM 2,5 T and 3 T forklift trucks are designed to meet demand for reliable machines that deliver high productivity, secure lifting and extended service life.

Added to this, T5C models – supplied with solid tyres as standard – have improved features for easy manoeuvrability, operator comfort, safety on site and low maintenance requirements.

“Watching this machine at work is impressive. The low centre of gravity provides balance and stability, while high torque delivers steady lift speeds, even when carrying heavy loads,” said Kemp.

“The fully hydraulic power steering system enables the operator to navigate freely and to turn easily in confined spaces and an integrated digital display monitor relays critical information clearly to the operator.”

He said this series has many features that improve safety during operation, including multi-directional visibility for clear front and rear fields of vision and and a reinforced overhead safety guard which protects the operator and provides shelter when working outdoors, without obstructing visibility.

“What’s also important is the mast interlock system that locks mast movement whenever the key switch is off. The neutral safety start feature only allows the machine to be started when the control lever is in neutral – the forklift cannot start when it is in gear.”

 These machines are powered by a 44 kW diesel engine, but also available with versatile GK25 dual fuel engines that run on gasoline or liquid petroleum gas (LPG).

“An efficient powertrain maximimises the truck’s power, while curtailing vibrations. This reduces wear of critical components and ensures comfort for the operator.”

The cooling system is designed to regulate airflow and prevent the engine from overheating, especially during operation in high humidity conditions and under extreme temperatures.

A powerful fan, which cools the engine and radiator to maintain high performance, forms part of efficient engine management designed reduces stress to key components and sustains truck performance and reliability.

“The easily accessible engine bay is large and neatly organised, with sufficient space for quick and effortless routine repairs and servicing.”

Criterion Equipment, part of the Capital Equipment Group of Invicta Holdings Limited, is the sole distributor of TCM forklift trucks in South Africa and offers a technical advisory, spare parts, repair and maintenance service.

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